Book Reviews of The Handmade’s Tale, The Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Summer is already over in Sydney and I wanted to share with you a couple of books I read while away in Sunny Queensland.

The Handmade’s Tale

I am a huge sucker for political science-fiction books starting with “what if” and I actually wrote the start of the short story with the same premises: a world where pregnancy would be outsourced to lower class people. Aside from the fact that my story was WAY better (of course) the idea is really interesting and it was nice to see a different story unfold from the same basic concept. However the book falls short on the actual writing point of view and I did not enjoy the reading as much. I found it hard to relate to the main character – but after 3 months still remember the main scenes of the story. Powerful storyline but writing and characters were so-so in my opinion. 5/10

The Life Of Pi

I did not have high expectations (popular book, you know…) but I have absolutely blown away by The Life of Pi. The story was magical, very well-written, original and most importantly I felt I had discovered something when I finished the book. I am not a religious person but the lesson from the book – after all life is already gloomy let’s choose the better story – had a special resonance for me. I saw the movie as well – good but as always nowhere near as entrancing as the book itself. My favourite moment is the green island and the meeting with the French cook. I felt that there was something to take-away at all levels of the story both literal and metaphorical. I loved it. I would definitely recommend it if you have not read it yet. 9/10

The Great Gatsby

I had never read this giant of American literature and I understood what all the fuss was about. Excellent writing and style. You feel immediately immersed in a different time and place and the strength of the characters take the story to another level. I can’t wait to see the new movie adaptation coming out this May because I feel it has a very “cinematographic” feel. Short, visual, clear scenario and an intensity to be carried out by the characters. 8/10

The Perks of Being a Wall-Flower

I had not watched the movie and read the book without any idea of what is was about. I felt the writing was very basic and that I probably was not the intended audience of the book – it has a very “pre-teen” feel. I was quite annoyed reading the first couple of chapters but somehow this book grew on me after a little while. The characters were very well depicted and despite the number of “skeletons in the closet” the story had a good rythm. Why not for a younger reader? 6.5/10